The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Nehemiah 8:10 (The Bible)

I’ve been dreaming of becoming a writer for decades, but I feel like I’m finally doing it the right way! This website connects you to all my online digital content for free. Well, Kindle is requiring me to keep each book at least 99 cents, but I’m working on posting to another digital book site, too.

Why is it all free? Well, I’ll tell you…

It’s All About Stagefright

I’ve tried selling my stories, but honestly, I think I kind of psyched myself out by making it too official. Then, I ended up creating really substandard content that embarrassed me. What can I say? I’m just not good with feeling put on the spot.

Instead of trying to charge you money at the outset and then regretting that I sold you something that wasn’t very good quality, I think I’d rather give you low cost (and hopefully someday free) access to my Kindle books, provide a PDF version of each book on this site, as well, and let you decide whether or not you should donate to the cause of furthering my writing adventures.

I say adventures, because it’s not a career. A career sounds like work, and if you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t like anything that seems like work. Thankfully, I enjoy the anticipation of finding out what the next scene of each story holds, so I love to write. I hope you’ll love to read it all just as much as I love creating this content, but I doubt that’s possible.


Okay, so I’m providing my Kindle Author link here, and I’ll soon be adding a gallery of free PDF versions of my books. Please don’t spend money on these books if you can’t. As my Kindle exclusivity contracts expire, I intend to add free PDF versions on here for download. Of course, if you can afford the 99 cents, please feel free to buy them on the Kindle site.

A screenshot of my kindle author page is provided, showing my profile picture, a blurb about me, cover images of my books, and the titles of two of my blog posts, one of which is called "Here I am. Send someone else" and another of which is called "Chosen and Loved."


I’ll also provide a lot of random details in my blog about my life and what I love to do. Honestly, you’ll probably like my blog just as much as you do my books, so if you don’t want to jump in and commit to a book, take a walk through my blog first. (But then again, my books are mostly free, so what kind of commitment is that? Try one!)

The image is actually a screenshot of a text box that says: 
"Category: Thoughts and Ideas"
When something jumps out at me, I like to let it simmer on the back burner of my mind. Once it gets just the right scent, I write it down to share with others. I'm not much of a cook in real life, but this is my way of blessing you with some good food for thought.


I’m a very, very amateur YouTuber, as you’ll see when you check out my YouTube page. But I have had very kind comments from my few viewers, so feel free to check these videos out, too.


If you decide to donate to the cause of my writing, you can visit my Patreon site. I’m trying to be fair to those who take the time to join the team by donating, so I’ll post content there that you can’t get anywhere else, and I’ll also preview non-public videos and new products on that site before I release it to the public. I’ve even created some swag to share with my patrons, as well. I hope it’s fun for you. I had a blast creating this page, and I plan to update it monthly.

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