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Here am I. Send someone else.

I’ve literally prayed that prayer.

Yes, I know that’s awful. I remember the verse that states that he who puts his hand to the plow and turns back isn’t worthy of God. I get it. I understand so much. But my estimation of how effective I can be as a vessel of honor to God… Well, let’s just say that I believed for a long time that I was God’s only mistake.

I am tired today. I took on more than I could handle and I’m way behind. I feel like a failure. And I’m constantly being reminded that any success I’ve had lately isn’t mine. It’s been all a series of dumb luck events combined with people taking up the slack for me. I’m ineffective. I’m poor. I’m weak. I’m a blowhard who can’t back up her words. In short, all my righteousness is like filthy rags. I am nothing.

The good news for me is that your righteousness is also filthy rags. Not because you’re bad. It’s because everyone’s righteousness looks unacceptable to God. None of us has what it takes. That kinda levels the playing field, doesn’t it? It does! And I’m so glad about that.

I’ve got a mission waiting for me tomorrow. I’m going to have a lot of new things to do. And when I do them, I’m going to be joyful because I’m going to findmy success in Christ’s gracious love for me. Join me. Believe, like I do, that it’s by his grace by faith that we’re saved, and we never could earn it. Rest in that beautiful reality. God loves you. He can carry you through.

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