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Free Book Promotion

From October 26-30, 2020, I’ll be running a free book promotion for my Hoarding book. It’s a subject that has brought me decades of shame, but I’m bringing it into the light because if we keep hiding our weaknesses, we aren’t fulfilling the scriptural mandate to “boast about” our weaknesses, “that the power of Christ may dwell in [us].” I want to live out this scripture. I’m boasting about my weakness!

I’m a recovering hoarder. I fall off the wagon occasionally, and it hurts — a lot. I hate being less than excellent at what I do, so when I begin to fixate on how poor my domestic skills are, I simply quit trying. That’s a bad idea, isn’t it? So check out my little mini-book of quick and easy instructions to begin to turn it all around. It’s a very limited, practical message. I think it will bless anyone who struggles with giving up hoarding, collecting, or stockpiling stuff that is keeping them from fully living their lives.

The Hoarder’s Guide to Getting through Today

Remember, it’s Monday through Friday, from October 26 – 30 that it will be free. Once you purchase it on any of those days, it’s free for you forever. (If you don’t have a Kindle device, buy it anyway. I will explain how to use the app without a Kindle device in an upcoming blog/YouTube video tutorial.)

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