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I need to work out

I’m putting this right here to remind myself why I love to work out. I haven’t done it in so long that I need the reminder. Yes, I’m down over 30 pounds and from a 22 to a 16, but I’m still jiggly everywhere and I’ve got some pressure cysts in my hip that probably have to do with that jiggly-ness. Time for a change. Let’s get to it.

My Exercise Devotional from 2017:

Why did I do this? I’ve said it quite a few different ways, but the most important reason that I
pursued better health is because I knew that children were in my future, and I wanted to be a
fun grandma. I wanted to be healthy, playful, and energetic. I’m already an interesting lady with
a heart for kids. But I won’t be able to fully fulfil the image I carry in my heart of an awesome
grandmother without making sure that my health is optimal.
My grandmother was a lady who inspired fierce loyalty. We all have amazing memories of her
cooking, her laughter, and her wisdom. Her children and grandchildren learned to love her in a
way that is impressive, and I can only hope to be such a figure in my family’s heart. However,
she sat on the couch for most of my childhood or stood in the kitchen cooking. Her sedentary
ways were normal for a lady of that time period, and she fulfilled her role admirably.
However, the new 60 and 70 is not that kind of person. Our modern day seniors are young,
strong, and active, and that’s what I want for myself. I wasted a lot of my youth being
sedentary, and my kids regret the fact that I didn’t play enough active things with them. The
past is behind me, and it’s too late to change what I did, but I can make a transformation that
will impact my future.
I changed the way I eat, added Shakeology which boosted my nutrition to a whole new level,
and I began exercising regularly. It’s going to give me the results I want, some of which I’ve
already begun to see in my body even now. The most important thing is that I’d like to keep this
lifestyle going forever. I don’t want to lose my stride here for even a second. So while I may
miss a few days for emergencies or because I have a bad day or two, I won’t ever give it up
entirely. It’s too important to help me achieve my ultimate goal.
I’m so happy that I got into Beachbody. Why? For me, it’s about the amount of energy that I
was able to unleash within myself. I had an urge to stand up and move around in the middle of
an exciting scene from a movie or TV show. In the past, I would have used that energy to make
a snack. Now, I use it to stretch or even just dance around the house. I’m so mobile, and I love
it! The Little Guy, my handsome 19 month old nephew, got away from us at the mall two weeks
in a row. It cost me nothing to chase him down.
The thought of running through the mall in the past was terrifying. First, I didn’t know who’d be
watching it all jiggle around as I ran, and I was very self-conscious about my jiggly meat. I knew
that I didn’t need to be, but I simply was. Secondly, I would probably run out of energy and lose
the kid before I caught him. I simply wasn’t ready for an all-out run at the speed that the Little
Guy traveled. Finally, I’d be embarrassed at being seen wheezing when I finally stopped
running. I didn’t have the ability to run for any distance without getting completely out of
breath. It was tough, and I didn’t feel up to the experience.
What do I want to do as a coach? I’ll tell you. I want to help you figure out this system, use it,
and find success in this healthy journey. It works if you work it, and it’s really possible. I spent
more than two decades making excuses, saying that I didn’t want to become an obsessive
health nut, or in other ways trying to decide that my choice to do less than go “all in” was okay.
It wasn’t. I see that now. Please don’t make that mistake. Join me now. I can help, and I will.

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